China best High Speed Cantilever Wire and Cable Single Twisting Machine manufacturer

Solution Description

Large speed cantilever wire and cable solitary twisting equipment


apply to twisting of 7 more strands copper wires or enamelled wire.

Large speed stranding machine, also known as wire bunching device, can be widely used for stranding all kinds of soft / tough conductor wires (copper wire, enamelled wire, tinned wire, copper-clad metal, copper-clad aluminum, etc.) and digital wires, this kind of as power line, teleph1 line, audio line, online video line, vehicle line, ne2rk line, and many others.

[technical attribute]:

1. The highest speed of spindle is 3000rpm.

two. Automated 10sion management: for the duration of strand winding, the winding 10sion demands to boost repeatedly when the winding is acquired from the base of the reel. This perform can automatically keep track of and alter the winding 10sion Make the winding 10sion of the whole reel uniform, and the device can alter the 10sion CZPT stopping.

3. The principal engine is lubricated by oil and cooled by CZPT circulation, which properly prolongs the support life of the principal shaft bearing.

The wire passing technique adopts a new structure. The wire passes straight from the primary shaft information wheel to the bow belt, minus the scratch and strand leaping triggered by the failure of the corner manual wheel on the aluminum plate.

4. A few tigh10ing devices are set in the equipment to make sure the roundness of the conductor after stranding and lessen the decline of insulating components

5. The complete equipment is driven by synchronous belt. There is no lubrication position in the equipment. The device is kept clear and the stranded wire is totally free of oil stain. It is suited for conductor stranding of numerous wire sorts with high floor cleanliness needs.

6. Only 1 get-off pulley demands to be changed to adjust the stranding distance, and only the reversing rod requirements to be pulled to adjust the stranding course, so as to work basically, so as to decrease the error rate and function in10sity of the operator· The bearings of the entire machine are well-acknowledged brand names in Japan, and the bow belt is produced of new materials with great adaptability, so as to keep away from stock jumping induced by vibration in the course of large-pace operation. The frequency converter, PLC, CZPT particle clutch, electromagnetic brake and hydraulic jack are all imported nicely-identified manufacturers, so as to minimize the failure price and main10ance value.

Strategy specifications:

Device modle




Twisting part(m)



Diameter of single wire(mm)




Max pace(RPM)








Gross weigh(KW)t


one hundred fifty




Q1: How prolonged is the shipping and delivery time?
A1: It will consider twenty days from the beginning to the finish of the generation.
      It will take much more than thirty organization days to customize complicated mechanical equipment.
Q2: What is conditions of payment? MOQ?
A2: T/T. 1 set.
Q3: How do you gurantee the machine secure functioning?
A3: We do pre-shipment check for each solitary piece of equipment.
      We have seperate QC, shipping and delivery, sales and following-income departments.
      Also rigorous administration procedure from pre-sales to following-revenue.
This fall: How is your following-revenue services?
A4: 1 yr warranty with sixty+ oversea soon after-service engineers
     (oversea after-provider group of substantial efficient, specialist and adequate experience for numerous non-regular project) .
Q5: How can I install my machine when it arrives?
A5: For simple and semi-vehicle device, we will send out guide instruction and instructing movie.
      For complex procedure, we will send the engineers abroad to aid client installing, operating and coaching.

Our Providers
What to offer clients with right after-revenue service?
Pre-income solutions:
one. Inquiry and consulting support.
2. Tailored layout system.
3. Pre-sale instruction: in order to assure all buyers fully to run the equipment, if a client wants, we can aid our buyer coaching, involves:
one) Right operating method.
2) Correct main10ance way.
three) Eliminate straightforward problem of our item.
After-revenue services:
Since the shipment day, our company freely assuring interval of after-sale main10ance service is:
one) 1year for mechanical element.
2) 6 thirty day period for electrical element.
3) Offer you life span consultation on troubles happened.
Our items contain:
one. Silic1 strip gear collection.
2. 3D printer filament extruders.
3. LED strip equipment sequence.
four. Rubber processing devices.

Since our business was started, above the previous thirteen yeas, our products have been ex10sively exported to Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin The usa, Europe and other marketplaces.


A movable pulley is a pulley in which when you shift a hefty object, the drum moves with it. There is no modify in the direction of the force you want to apply, but the load will “truly feel” lighter than it truly is. For instance, if you are hauling a weighty hay bale up the barn’s attic, a moveable pulley will make the load really feel a lot lighter, even however you might be pulling in the identical direction.
Energetic Pulley: The “input” pulley in a dual-pulley system. The shaft of this pulley is pushed by anything like a motor, a crank, or probably yet another pulley in greater methods. This pulley controls the movement of the belt.

China best High Speed Cantilever Wire and Cable Single Twisting Machine     manufacturer