China best Overhead Travelling Cleaner for Hosiery Machine Engineering

Item Description

We are a expert manufacturer specializing in the production of textile, wonderful yarn, roving, doffing, looms, cleansing device main elements and spinning equipment higher-effectiveness strength-preserving cotton suction enthusiast, and is appropriate with a lot of domestic cleansing equipment manufacturers. The distinct varieties are: 1-time forming L=350 related to diameter 100, diameter one hundred ten, diameter 120 back cotton box, commutator (fork iron), commutator, antistatic nylon strolling wheel, iron going for walks dragon, center shaft, aspect Shaft, side CZPT pulley, center CZPT pulley, shaft seat, all-plastic blow nozzle, rubber blow nozzle, full plastic air outlet (bulk head), suction port, numerous requirements stainless steel clamps, and many others. A special specification cotton box, concentrated cotton box and plexiglass doorway. The firm’s equipment are all made of plastic contact, sheet steel stamping die molding, CNC equipment device processing, innovative technologies, reliable quality. Also promote a range of specs bellows, acrylic cloth and so on. The organization adheres to the theory of customer very first, quality 1st, little earnings but rapid turnover, and sincerely gives quality providers to customers. We will satisfy you with exceptional solution good quality and ideal soon after-income services system!

The hosiery equipment is a sort of auxiliary cleansing tools for the supporting textile host. When operating, with the kinetic energy of the substantial-effectiveness enthusiast product on the equipment, the diverse parts of the nozzles dispersed on the 2 symmetrical suction pipes are utilised to resolve the necessary parts of the principal machine. The tour ongoing uninterrupted air blowing, blowing away the flying bouquets, quick velvet and dust produced throughout the production approach. The debris scattered on the ground is sucked into the CZPT box of the equipment, thus successfully decreasing flaws such as yarn problems, strengthening merchandise top quality, enhancing the workshop environment, lowering the cleansing workload of the driver and enhancing labor efficiency. The structural features of the suction cleansing equipment (blow suction cleaner): 1. The suction cleaning device is composed of a enthusiast, a pulley program, a frame, an outer suction cotton, an electrical comp1nt, and many others., and the supporter is put in on 2 horizontal rectangular manual rails. On the upper aspect, the theory of the intermediate pulley diameter variation is utilized, and the shifting fork is used to reversing, and the driving blower and the reciprocating circuit are concluded at the identical time. 2, compact and realistic structure, effortless main10ance, constant use. 3, the admirer outlet pipe has a regulating damper, which can alter the sum of blowing, (optional).

Product: ABB – twenty (Belt Travel), ABC – 25 (Chain Generate and Powerduct) and ABW – 50 for Weaving software.


  • Specially Created Hanging OHTC for LMW make LF 4200 collection speed frame
  • Widespread OHTC for Ring Spinning frame and Website link C1r
  • Adjustable Blowing attachments to accommodate Bobbin Transport method with flexibility to interchange for all varieties of spinning frame
  • Auto-parking preparations for the duration of doffing time
  • Suessen Elite Nozzle / RoCoS Compact yarn attachments
  • Wharve cleaning arrangements in scenario of Zinser make Ring frame
  • More than Hanging OHTC for Warping / Jacquard Looms
  • Obstacle sensor for auto reversal
  • Suction preparations at Suction pipe / Centralised Selection
  • Ideal for Mixed Humidification technique in Looms

    Specialized SPECIFICATION:

    Description ABB – 20 ABC – 25 ABW – fifty
    Driver System Belt Powerduct / Chain Powerduct
    Enthusiast Motor in kW 1.5 / 2.2 2.2 / 3. 4
    Driver motor in W 150 150
    Blowing in cu.M 2225 / 2550 2660 / 2960 3575
    Suction in Pascal 2050 / 2250 2460 / 2660 3150
    Velocity in mtr / min 11 12 / sixteen / 22 twelve / 16
    Blowing Pipe 2 Nos- Dia a hundred twenty five two/4 Nos 125/one hundred 16 Nos-Dia 75
    Suction pipe 2/4 Nos-a hundred twenty five/one hundred four Nos- Dia a hundred 4 Nos – Dia a hundred
    Filter region .sixteen sq m .fourteen sq.m .14 sq.m



Loafer: A pushed wheel that does not transmit electrical power via a shaft. It spins freely, and most pushed pulleys are linked to other gear, this kind of as wheels or drives, by way of driveshafts.
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China best Overhead Travelling Cleaner for Hosiery Machine     Engineering