China Best Sales Alumina Ceramic Eyelet/Alumina Ceramics Eyelet 95% Al2O3 99.5% Al2O3 Best Sales

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Alumina Ceramic Eyelet/Alumina Ceramics Eyelet ninety five% Al2O3 ninety nine.5% Al2O3

Textile ceramic eyelet implement to the coiling device and spinning and weaving equipment, is in frequent use fault silk one more piece, is utilised to demand no high fault silk occasion. Silk thread slides when the occupation, in China eye outside, for minimizing friction, must raise substance hardness, smoothness and form. Our firm selects and utilizes ninety nine%’s Al2O3, hardness increased than HRa88, density 3.eighty five, surpasses essence throwing Ra0.2.

The textile cramic eyelets is utilised to set much less (friction is also considerably less) place of pressure right. For cost reduction, in accordance to employing a ask for, smoothness sharpening handicraft is allotted currently being (.8 toss Ra) about, is toss (Ra accurate .4), surpasses essence throwing (Ra0.2).

Ceramic eyelets Be that solitary face is super-correct at the very same time mark throw and two-sided tremendous-accurate throw. Specification of China eye several, pick and use specification listing in common use in sopport a buyer the working day afer tomorrow now, also may possibly demand producing to purchase in accordance to the buyer.

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China Best Sales Alumina Ceramic Eyelet/Alumina Ceramics Eyelet 95% Al2O3 99.5% Al2O3     Best Sales