China Best Sales Dressing Machine Carding Machine Transmission Belts Good quality

Product Description

Flat transmission Belt

UNI electricity transmission belts are tailor-manufactured to match particular industry and application wants or device styles. We offer three various traction layer materials, utilized by three different belt principles, for open drive, tangential drive, numerous pulley travel, live-roller push, and double-sided electricity transmission.

CZPT Transmission Belts

For filthy and dusty purposes.

CZPT with nylon fabric area belts for transmission in two pulley drive techniques.

Double surface leather belts for multi pulley travel transmission.

The versatility and energy-saving properties of these servicing-cost-free belts make them a important ingredient in all places of power transmission technology. Their long provider existence and little or no unexpected device downtime make them a dependable solution throughout a selection of industries.
–CZPT support life 
–Transmission effectiveness: more than 98% 
–Transmission speed: more than 60m/s 
–Very good overall flexibility and directionality 
–Very good dimensional stability 
–Continuous friction coefficient. 

The entirely synthetic, higher-top quality electrical power transmission belts are geared up with a sturdy and resilient traction layer

created of polyamide, polyester, or aramid. Put on-, oil- and grease-resistant friction handles produced of NBR rubber offer a high diploma of constant friction amongst belt and pulleys.
Our one particular-quit store strategy means that you can get all your belting-relevant merchandise and services from the exact same professional provider. This lowers acquiring and logistics complexity, as nicely as expenses, and also arrives with an eye-catching value/benefit ratio.

In a compound pulley technique, there is each a movable pulley and a mounted pulley. This means that not only does the load “really feel” lighter, but you can also change the course of the power. Whilst this kind of configuration can move heavy hundreds extremely easily, it will come at the expense of demanding really a little bit of motion to do the work.

China Best Sales Dressing Machine Carding Machine Transmission Belts     Good quality