China best Temperature Humidity Vibration Combined Environmental Test System Custom

Product Description

Structure and Components
1. Internal box substance: mirror stainless metal plate (SUS 304 thickness 1.0mm)
2. Outer box material: stainless steel (thickness 1.0mm)
3. Insulation layer design and style: efficiently steer clear of condensation on the top of the box
4. Thermal insulation layer: thermal insulation layer (difficult Polyurethane foam, 100mm thick)
five. Box doorway: one-piece door, solitary window, still left open up. Flat recessed manage, back button: SUS #304. The double-channel heat insulation is tight and airtight, effectively isolating the warmth exchange inside of and outdoors the box
six. Observation window: a few layers of vacuum glass, effortless to notice the examination sample.
7. Window anti-sweat: electric powered heating system to avert dampness condensation
8. Lighting design: higher-brightness window lights strength-saving lamps, straightforward to observe the take a look at merchandise
nine. Test gap: The left aspect of the entire body is 50mm in diameter, with 1 stainless steel hole cover and 1 silicone plug (optional several or 100mm)
10 machine pulleys: simple to go (adjust the placement place) and use with robust bolts (fastened placement)
11. Box created-in racks: 2 pieces of stainless metal SUS #304 square punched metal racks and 2 sets of rails (change the spacing)

Temperature electric heating circulation system:
one. Heating method spinning: heat dissipation annular electric heater
2. Heating pipe: adopts all stainless steel seamless casing, the insulation resistance is better than 50MΩ, and has anti-dry burning control
3. Circulation method: The wind adopts a multi-blade centrifugal rewinding admirer, the shaft is strengthened, and the blades are created of aluminum alloy with large and lower temperature resistance.
four. Air deflector style: It can be modified up and down to guarantee uniform distribution of temperature and humidity
five. Control strategy: Equilibrium temperature control technique (BTHC), management SSR reliable condition relay in P.I.D. manner to obtain higher-precision non-speak to swap control, so that the heating and humidifying quantity of the method is equal to the volume of damp heat reduction, so it can be utilised stably for a prolonged time.

CZPT system:
1. CZPT technique: authentic French Xihu (West Lake) Dis. compressor (establish the electricity in accordance to the low temperature selection)
1.1 Overview: The coronary heart of the compressor refrigeration technique adopts the refrigeration cycle of compression→condensation→expansion→evaporation (heat absorption),
therefore decreasing the ambient temperature.
one.2 Composition: A. Shell B. Motor C. Cylinder D. Piston
E. Starter and thermal protector F. CZPT method composition
1.3 Functions:
A. Huge volume F-class insulated motor with large efficiency and minimal slip charge guarantees high cooling potential, low power use and risk-free procedure
B. Series 1/12-12 horses, 10 series, hundreds of designs. The most prestigious in the commercial freezer market.
C. Lengthy-time period software underneath diverse climatic problems in different locations of China and SCZPT Asia, verified, secure and reliable efficiency.
D. The ideal equilibrium design and style can make the compressor much less vibration, reduced sounds and more steady operation.
E. Wide voltage layout, solitary camera functioning voltage a hundred and eighty-240V, 3 cameras 340-440V, suited for Chinese voltage specifications.
two. Chilly and heat exchange method: Extremely-substantial performance SWEP refrigerant chilly and warmth exchange layout (environmentally welcoming refrigerant R404A)
3. Heating load adjustment: immediately adjust the refrigerant flow to efficiently get away the warmth emitted by the heating load
four. Air-cooled condenser: fin kind with cooling motor
four.1 Overview: The air-cooled condenser is a heat-dissipating gadget that utilizes air for cooling, which is matched with Freon refrigeration equipment.
4.2 Attributes:
A. The shell is made of substantial-high quality metal plate, the area is sprayed, corrosion-resistant, gorgeous in look, large in energy, corrosion-resistant, and straightforward to assemble and merge.
B. Undertake large-performance external rotor enthusiast with minimal pace and huge air quantity. Smooth operation and reduced noise.
C. Impartial switch, protected and hassle-free. The supporter motor has substantial waterproof functionality (IP65) and extended service lifestyle.
D. The copper tube adopts higher-purity seamless red copper tube, which has a lengthy provider lifestyle and is not straightforward to crack and corrode.
E. The make contact with surface area is big, which improves the sCZPT of the fins and the influence of air turbulence.
F. Relevant to refrigerants this sort of as R22R134AR404AR407C
5. Finned evaporator: finned multi-phase computerized load potential adjustment
five.1 Overview:
The evaporator is a extremely crucial element of the 4 key components of refrigeration. The minimal-temperature condensed gasoline passes through the evaporator to exchange heat with the exterior air, liquefy and take up heat, and attain the result of refrigeration.
five.2 Structure:
It is mainly composed of heating chamber and evaporation chamber. The heating chamber supplies the liquid with the warmth essential for vaporization, and encourages the liquid to 

one. In order to ensure the power, the take a look at box adopts the all round body welding to guarantee that the box human body is not deformed
two. Shakers of diverse requirements and designs can be chosen, and different seals are offered in accordance to the relationship head and relationship approach of the vibration table.
three. To make sure that the examination box and the shaking desk are completely sealed in the course of the three-built-in function, and the shaking table has good mechanical transmission traits
four. The base of the take a look at box is equipped with slide rails, which can be divided from the vibration desk. When the test is required, the vibration table and the check box can be examined independently
five. Has a extensive temperature and humidity management selection
6. The balanced temperature and humidity adjustment strategy is adopted, which is a substantial-precision, secure temperature and humidity controller.
7. Utilizing Japan or South Korea authentic substantial-precision programmable temperature and humidity controller, 7-inch correct coloration touch monitor procedure, outfitted with a 10m/100m Ethernet interface, and random functioning software program.
eight. The imported refrigeration compressor is adopted, and the refrigeration adopts a new chilly finish output handle. In comparison with the standard cold and warmth stability, it tremendously saves energy consumption and decreases the customer’s use cost.

Maximum sinusoidal excitation force 3200Kg.f peak
Maximum random excitation force 3200Kg.f
Maximum shock excitation force 6400Kg.f peak
Frequency range (no load) two~2000Hz
Maximum displacement 51mm p-p
Maximum speed 2m/s
Maximum acceleration 100G(980m/s2)
5G (50 m/s2) 190kg
Maximum load (sine) F=M.A 10G (100 m/s2)
20G (200 m/s2)
30G (300 m/s2)
Frequency 2000Hz±5%
Payload 300kg
Vibration isolation frequency two.5Hz
Moving coil diameter Ф335mm
Moving coil quality 30kg
Countertop screws 17×M10
Studio size D×W×H 800*800*800mm (width*top*depth)
Dimensions D×W×H About 1800*2250*1700mm (W*H*D)
Temperature range -40ºC~180ºC
Humidity range 20%-98%
Temperature fluctuation ≤±0.5ºC
Temperature uniformity ≤±2ºC
Temperature fluctuation ≤±3%R.H.
Temperature uniformity ≤±3%
Heating rate About 3.5ºC/min (no-load nonlinearity)
Cooling rate About 1ºC/min (no-load nonlinearity)

Lively Pulley: The “input” pulley in a dual-pulley program. The shaft of this pulley is pushed by something like a motor, a crank, or probably yet another pulley in more substantial techniques. This pulley controls the motion of the belt.

China best Temperature Humidity Vibration Combined Environmental Test System     Custom