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Product Description

Use Resistance Industrial Zirconia Alumina Textile Ceramic Areas

The primary attributes of the textile ceramic components
1. Outstanding wear resistance and hardness far better than metallic 1s
2. Lower yarn 10sions CZPT any yarn harm
3. Lengthy provider lifestyle on each particular yarns and raw components with aggressive additives
4. Greatest yarn cleanliness CZPT any fault silk celebration
5. Superb mechanical power, fracture toughness and bending strength
6. Outstanding put on resistance and hardness far better than metallic 1s
seven. Good insulation, cost-free of static electricity, resistant magnetic
eight. Superb thermal conductivity coefficient and thermal shock property
nine. Corrosion resistance in severe doing work problems
10. Excellent thermal shock resistance and good thermal steadiness
11. Nox-poisonous, healthful content, eco-helpful content
12. Meet up with with RoHS, Reach regulation fully

The specification of textile ceramic areas

Substance option Alumina(Al2O3), Zirconia (ZrO2), Titania (TiO2)
Forming techniques Dry pressed, Ceramic injection molding, Hot pressed
Specification OD can be from 1 to 50mm
Precision processing Precision Grinding, Sharpening, Lapping, 
Important parameters Fine grade roughness to be .4mm, diamond-like polish to be Ra0.1
Area high quality Free of cracks, foreign contamination, mirror area

The description of the textile ceramic parts
Advanced ceramic melt spinning components, such as traverse guides, pigtail guides, air-jet nozzle, spin complete applicators have been ex10sively employing the CZPT fiber manufacturing. With our veteran information for resources and growing expertise for the design of the actual physical application in the production, we can layout the contact surface area with yarn, thread to be the excellent state with the CZPT sharpening complete.

We supply a quantity of ceramic yarn guides for thread guides, yarn forming, and yarn modification through distinct shaping approaches in diverse technical raw resources as for each customers’ requirements.

All these ceramic yarn guides are created for use in processes at minimal yarn 10sions with no harm. It aids lower and maintain moments and increase production effectiveness tremendously. 

The gallery of ceramic wire guides

We have been creating a variety of ceramic wire guidebook, which includes ceramic pigtail, ceramic traverse information,
ceramic roller, ceramic bobbin, and so on.

Datasheet of Technical ceramics

Residence Units Substance
ninety nine.5%
ninety nine%
ninety five%


Density g/cm3 ≥3.eighty five ≥3.80 ≥3.60 ≥5.ninety five ≥5.seventy two
Water absorption %
Hardness HV 1700 1700 1500 1300 900
Flexural energy Mpa ≥379 ≥338 ≥320 ≥1200 ≥1200
Compressive power Mpa ≥2240 ≥2240 ≥2000 ≥1990 1750
Fracture toughness Mpa mone/two four-5 four-five 3-four six.5-8 eleven
Max. support
ºC 1675 1600 1450 1000  
CTE 1×10 -6 /ºC 6.5~8. six.2~8. five.~8. eight.~9.5 ten.2
Thermal shock T(ºC) ≥250 ≥200 ≥220 ≥300 350
Thermal conductivity(25ºC) W/m.k 30 29 24 3 3
Volume resistivity          
25ºC >1 x ten 14 >1 x ten 14 >1 x 10 14 >1 x 10 11 >1 x ten 11
300ºC one x 10 12 eight x 10 11 ten 12 -ten 13 1 x 10 ten 1 x 10 10
500ºC 5 x 10 ten two x 10 9 1 x ten 9 1 x 10 6 one x 10 6
Insulation strength KV/mm 19 eighteen eighteen seventeen 20
Dielectric continual(1Mhz) (E) nine.7 9.five 9.5 29 28


Producing stream chart of advanced ceramic eyelet

We have in-housing complete producing types of gear, like forming, sintering,
CNC machining, precision grinding, laser chopping, and so on, it will help us to manage the good quality really well.
Also, it drastically rewards price control.

FAQs (Usually Requested Concerns)
Q1. Are you a manufacturing unit or investing company?
A: We are a company of more than 15 several years of knowledge. You are welcome to check out our factory.

Q2: Do you send a sample to verify?
A: Sure, the sample is cost-free and fr8 collect.

Q3: When will you ship it?
A: If the products are in storage, we’ll ship within forty eight several hours

This autumn: When can I get the value?
A: We routinely estimate inside of 24 several hours following we get your inquiry. If you are in urgent need to have of acquiring the price tag.
You should contact us or tell us in your e mail so that we will continue with your inquiry as a precedence.

Q5: Is it available to supply tailored items?
A: We often assist custom made-made need as for every various materials, dimensions, and styles.

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China best Wear Resistance Industrial Zirconia Alumina Textile Ceramic Parts     supplier