China Free Design Custom Bunched Wires Cable Twisting Machine 1000r/Min Pneumatic Control Good quality

Product Description

Bunched Wires Cable Twisting Machine 1000R/Min Pneumatic Control

The cantilever equipment fit for a variety of energy wire, CAT5,ultraCAT5 and CAT6 info cable,commumication cable and other twist.

two.1.High rotate pace, primary shaft is lubricated by skinny oil, great warning if oil not enough ,which can reduce the temperature and the sounds,
    ex10d the life of the machine.
2.2.The wire goes from belt to loafer pulley of main shaft straight,which can decrease scratch and keep round CZPT part.
two.3.Magnetic electrical power clutch car observe and manage taking up 10sion,producing the 10sion of taking up steadily.

three.Technical parameter

four hundred-500 630 800 a thousand 1250
Spend-off bobbin(mm)
three hundred-400mm 400-five hundred-630 400-five hundred-630 400-500-630 four hundred-500-630
take-up bobbin(mm)
500 630 800 1000 1250
Wire diameter(mm)
.5- 2. (Soft structure) .6- 3.(Delicate construction) .6-3.(Soft framework) 1.-5. (Soft composition) one.-5. (Soft construction)
twist diameter(mm)
Φ6 Φ15 Φ20 Φ25 Φ30
Lay length(mm)
13-80 20-two hundred 30-three hundred 30-350 30-350
Rotate speed(RPM)
850 1000 800 800 five hundred
Get-up 10sion
Auto 10sion,alter freely
Traverse technique
According to bobbin pace reciprocating movement to change
Traverse pitch(mm)
2.5-10 2-12 3-20 3-thirty 3-30



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China Free Design Custom Bunched Wires Cable Twisting Machine 1000r/Min Pneumatic Control     Good quality