China Free Design Custom Customized Wire 500mm Pair Twisting Machine Free Design Custom

Solution Description

Customized wire 500mm pair twisting device


utilize to twisting of 7 more strands copper wires or enamelled wire.

High pace stranding machine, also acknowledged as wire bunching device, can be commonly employed for stranding all kinds of gentle / difficult conductor wires (copper wire, enamelled wire, tinned wire, copper-clad metal, copper-clad aluminum, and so forth.) and electronic wires, these kinds of as electricity line, teleph1 line, audio line, video clip line, automobile line, ne2rk line, and many others.

[complex characteristic]:

1. The highest speed of spindle is 3000rpm.

two. Automated 10sion control: during strand winding, the winding 10sion demands to improve constantly when the winding is obtained from the base of the reel. This operate can automatically track and alter the winding 10sion Make the winding 10sion of the total reel uniform, and the equipment can modify the 10sion CZPT stopping.

3. The major motor is lubricated by oil and cooled by CZPT circulation, which efficiently prolongs the provider existence of the major shaft bearing.

The wire passing method adopts a new framework. The wire passes right from the principal shaft information wheel to the bow belt, minus the scratch and strand jumping brought on by the failure of the corner information wheel on the aluminum plate.

4. Three tigh10ing products are set in the device to make certain the roundness of the conductor soon after stranding and decrease the loss of insulating resources

5. The total machine is pushed by synchronous belt. There is no lubrication level in the equipment. The machine is kept thoroughly clean and the stranded wire is free of oil stain. It is appropriate for conductor stranding of different wire varieties with high floor cleanliness demands.

6. Only 1 get-off pulley wants to be changed to alter the stranding length, and only the reversing rod demands to be pulled to adjust the stranding direction, so as to run merely, so as to lessen the error rate and perform in10sity of the operator· The bearings of the whole equipment are properly-known brands in Japan, and the bow belt is made of new components with great flexibility, so as to keep away from inventory jumping induced by vibration during large-speed operation. The frequency converter, PLC, CZPT particle clutch, electromagnetic brake and hydraulic jack are all imported effectively-identified manufacturers, so as to minimize the failure rate and main10ance cost.

Method requirements:

Device modle DL300 DL500 DL630
Twisting segment(m) .035-.937 .073-2.5
Diameter of one wire(mm) .05-.28 .08-.forty five .16-.63
Max velocity(RPM) 3000 3000 2000
Power(KW) 3.7 5.5 seven.five
Gross weigh(KW)t thirty one hundred fifty 550



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China Free Design Custom Customized Wire 500mm Pair Twisting Machine     Free Design Custom