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Item Description

DL500 substantial-speed twisting machine


utilize to twisting of 7 far more strands copper wires or enamelled wire.

Large velocity stranding equipment, also identified as wire bunching equipment, can be widely used for stranding all kinds of soft / tough conductor wires (copper wire, enamelled wire, tinned wire, copper-clad metal, copper-clad aluminum, and so forth.) and digital wires, this kind of as electrical power line, telephone line, audio line, movie line, automobile line, community line, and many others.

[specialized feature]:

one. The highest velocity of spindle is 3000rpm.

two. Automatic pressure management: for the duration of strand winding, the winding stress requirements to boost continually when the winding is gained from the base of the reel. This function can automatically track and adjust the winding rigidity Make the winding stress of the total reel uniform, and the device can alter the stress CZPT stopping.

three. The primary motor is lubricated by oil and cooled by all-natural circulation, which properly prolongs the support daily life of the principal shaft bearing.

The wire passing method adopts a new framework. The wire passes straight from the principal shaft guidebook wheel to the bow belt, minus the scratch and strand leaping caused by the failure of the corner guide wheel on the aluminum plate.

four. 3 tightening units are established in the equipment to ensure the roundness of the conductor following stranding and reduce the loss of insulating components

five. The whole device is driven by synchronous belt. There is no lubrication position in the machine. The equipment is stored cleanse and the stranded wire is free of oil stain. It is suitable for conductor stranding of various wire sorts with high floor cleanliness requirements.

6. Only one take-off pulley wants to be changed to change the stranding length, and only the reversing rod wants to be pulled to adjust the stranding path, so as to function just, so as to decrease the error charge and operate depth of the operator· The bearings of the total machine are effectively-identified manufacturers in Japan, and the bow belt is created of new resources with great flexibility, so as to avoid stock leaping induced by vibration in the course of higher-pace procedure. The frequency converter, PLC, magnetic particle clutch, electromagnetic brake and hydraulic jack are all imported effectively-identified brands, so as to reduce the failure price and routine maintenance price.

Method specs:

Machine modle DL300 DL500 DL630
Twisting section(m) .035-.937 .073-2.five
Diameter of single wire(mm) .05-.28 .08-.45 .16-.63
Max velocity(RPM) 3000 3000 2000
Electrical power(KW) 3.7 five.five seven.5
Gross weigh(KW)t thirty a hundred and fifty 550



Movable Pulley: A pulley that rotates and translates in accordance to the motion of the pulley or belt. This is typically utilised in blocking and tackle programs, which I will describe afterwards.

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