China Free Design Custom Fb505 Wool Ring Machine in Spinning Mill of 480 Spindles Standard

Product Description

FB505 Wool Ring Machine in Spinning Mill of 480 Spindles

FB505 Wool Ring Spinning Body is a new machine made and developed by TONGDA Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. Feeding a one simplex roving, it is suitable for spinning cotton, artificial fibers and their blends to create weaving and knitting yarns. The spinning procedures can be set by implies of guy-equipment dialogues via a Contact Monitor Panel, and an interface or pc ne2rk is completely ready for growing. The Vehicle doffer method can be an alternative for consumer to make option. Large pace, high effectiveness, great high quality and very good stability and dependability. It is obviously outstanding figures. It can be linked with Auto Winder to turn out to be a Ring Winder.

Major Complex Information:

Spindle Gauge 75mm
Ring Diameter conical ring (40C metal) Φ51*11.2mm,Φ48*11.5mm,Φ51*eleven.2mm
Number of Spindle forty eight,sixty,seventy two,eighty four,ninety six—–480
Yarn Count 20-100Nm
Twist  20–1260(T/m)
Draft Ratio 10-45
Spindle Pace 5000-12000 rpm
Spindle Generate Double 10sion pulley
Creel 1 tier hanger, 4 or 6 rows optional
Roving Package Twistless double roving Φ220mm*210mm
Reduced twist solitary roving Φ140*280mm
Lifting  230mm
Bobbin Duration 260mm
Spindle  D3213
Spindle Wharve Dia  Φ24mm
General Dimensions Width 800mm*H8 2135mm

In depth Specification:


Other Connected Product:

Variety Upstriker fifty percent-circular variety
Design Correct-handed
Applicable Material  1.Assorted Domestic wool
two.International wool: 48-70(within 200mm size)
Breadth Cylinder Width: 1550mm
Feed Kind Automatic
Feed Frequency three.1-3.5 occasions/min
Output forty five-62kg/h
Sliver W8 15-20g/m
Cylinder spped 161.7RPM Cylinder Linear Speed:654m/min
Doffer Velocity 16-26RPM
Burr Getting rid of Details 3 pcs, with a droppings conveyer
Stripping Form Chopper,1463,1730 times/min
Slivering Type Can Coiler
Electric Motor Total Electricity:6.85KW
All round Size(mm) (LxWxH)9500x3500x2500
Equipment W8 About ten tons

Packing and Delivery:

(1) Q: How’s the following-sale support?
   A: We offer you engineers available to support overseas beneath merchandiser’s supervision and translation.
(2) Q: Are you offered for on-the-spot invitation? 
   A: We do welcome our new and old friends arrive here to have a visitation. Apart from, we would send you our exposition and relative info to market a encounter-to-encounter meeting if you’d like to.
(3) Q: Is the value offered changeable?
   A: We supply realistic price for every consumer, and the cost is changeable according to buying amount.
(4) Q: How about the top quality?
   A:The major subassembly and uncooked materials are all provided by large businesses. Important parts are study and created by our own staff. Expert assembly line work and rigid good quality take a look at technique can make sure your high top quality prerequisite.
(5) Q: Are you a company or Trade Firm?
A: We are a specialist manufacturer keeping our possess International Trade Office, for that we can much better understand customer’s demands and supply a affordable value.

Why Decide on Our Firm?

A: Historical past: TONGDA Textile Machinery Team was build in 1952. Now have far more than sixty five a long time outdated historical past.

B: Primary Products: TONGDA Team specializes in style, production, and marketing of a broad selection of Textile machinery, it has 7 branch firms, mainly makes ring spinning frame, roving frame, weaving device(h2o Jet loom/Air jet loom/rapier Loom),warping equipment, quilting machine and nonwoven machine.
C: We offer layout for complete line of spinning mill for cotton yarn, polyester yarn, wool yarn, flax/linen yarn, devices including blow place, carding equipment, attract frame, roving frame, ring body, winding device, open stop spinning equipment and the air conditioning system and squander assortment technique for spinning mill.We also give workshop structure style and trench design, and air pipe format design. 
D: Product /Quality Guarantee: 1 yr warranty for the International common.
E: After Sale Provider: We are operate online 24 hrs. If you have any inquiries about our equipment you can get in touch with us.
F: One-cease Provider:
We have R&D office like far more than a hundred engineers which are strengthening and enlarging our supply selection.

Export Memorabilia:
TONGDA 1988: TONGDA’s 500 sets ring spinning machines was exported to Bangladesh.
TONGDA 1993: TONGDA’s 385 sets spinning machines was exported to Pakistan.
TONGDA 1995: TONGDA’s 229 sets spinning equipment was exported to Bangladesh.
TONGDA 2002: Supply three hundred sets spinning machines to India.
TONGDA 2009: TONGDA’s a hundred sets h2o jet loom and air jet loom was exported to India.
TONGDA 2571: TONGDA when again exported three hundred sets water jet loom and air jet loom to India.
TONGDA 2011: TONGDA exported needle punching nonwoven device generation line to south The united states and exported more than five hundred sets h2o jet loom, air jet loom, rapier loom to abroad.
TONGDA 2012: TONGDA exported 200 sets spinning equipment and 100 sets rapier loom to Tajikistan and once yet again exported 200 sets ring spinning devices to India.
TONGDA 2013: TONGDA exported 500 sets weaving devices to overseas and 50 sets nonwoven machines, 680 sets spinning equipment to abroad like South Asia and Africa.
TONGDA 2015: TONGDA bought far more than 1000 sets weaving machines, 100 sets nonwoven devices and seven-hundred sets spinning equipment to overseas which includes Europe, South The us, and South-East Asia.

TONGDA is an ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO13485 firm. The items are developed to meet up with the technological expectations of 3C and CE. All the merchandise are certified by the Business Administration Authority. TONGDA will proceed to try to be a stronger chief in the world-wide marketplace of Cotton equipment and Spinning machinery.


Welcome to inquiry:


A movable pulley is a pulley in which when you transfer a weighty object, the drum moves with it. There is no modify in the direction of the drive you want to use, but the load will “truly feel” lighter than it in fact is. For instance, if you happen to be hauling a large hay bale up the barn’s attic, a moveable pulley will make the load feel a whole lot lighter, even though you are pulling in the same route.
Loafer: A pushed wheel that does not transmit energy via a shaft. It spins freely, and most driven pulleys are connected to other gear, this kind of as wheels or drives, via driveshafts.

China Free Design Custom Fb505 Wool Ring Machine in Spinning Mill of 480 Spindles     Standard