China Free Design Custom Iron Wire Drawing Machine for Nail Making/Barbed Wire Making factory

Item Description

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Item Description 



The wire drawing machine consists of primary reduction box, die casing, wheel frame, sash brace and

Electrical management program. The spinning drawing blocks are driven by JZT series motor, with equipment CZPT runs changeful gears to reduce pace. The drawing blocks are verticaly set in sealed box entire body. The gear pair are lubricated with oil.  



The established of the machines is an ideal gear for drawing wire stock of high, medium and carbon metal, as properly as coper, alumium and alloy. The equipment are used for drawing wire in the factories, these kinds of as wire-metal issue, steel mesh factory and nail producing manufacturing unit etc.  


In purchase to decrease residual heat on the surface area of the block, the CZPT signifies is set up in inter-wall of the block, the wortle is soaked in CZPT drinking water to lessen its operating temperature.  


The machine operates with carvel or linkage. The safety halt gear is installed by the position of running block. 

Variety LW-1-6/560
Content in10sity δb≥110kg/mm2
Max diam of material six.5mm
Min diam of materials 2mm
Diam of block one-6/560
Max typical condensation 30%
Total condensation 78-88.5%
Max.pace of block 245m/min
Overall electricity 18.5-30kw
W8 2000kg
Overal measurement 1700x1150x1750mm

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one.twenty five several years expertise in nail &wire machinery manufacture, strictly go over all requirements for consumer. 

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Organization certificate

Our LW-1-7/450 Wire Drawing Machine/Metal drawing equipment/drawing equipment have however the ISO9001 and CE certificate 


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Our organization expert manufactures nail generating equipment, wire drawing equipment and the accessory equipments given that 1995

Potential 1000pcs for every 12 months, customers go over Asia, middle East, Africa and latin-America ariea. 

Our company has CE, ISO9001 certificate and our engineer set up for equipment accommodation in customer’s manufacturing facility. 

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China Free Design Custom Iron Wire Drawing Machine for Nail Making/Barbed Wire Making     factory