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Item Description

Brief introduction:

Description of linen flat press ir1r:

one.Use for :bedsheets, quilts, tablecloth, towel, curtain, tub towel and so on.

2.Heating way:Steam heating and Electric powered heating.

three.Motor: Variable pace motor can alter the velocity according to heating temperature and the fabric thickness .

4.Rooller : Large diameter roller drum,stainless steel, smooth surface decrease the fabric abrasion.

five.Constant motion: Reducer related to the pulley and chain wheel. transmission is reputable.

six.Seal:Sealed rotary joints, avoid leakage, security and dependability, preserve energy.

seven. Anti-corrosion: All vice-rollers use zinc spraying, tough and strong anti-corrosion.

eight. Constructions: Frame and auxiliary,higher-quality metal carbon constructions, sturdy and durable

9: Defense Method:3-phase electrical method, overload safety, voltage and quick circuit security, unexpected emergency end switch.



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Detail components:

Principal functions:

one. Automatic ironing equipment, horizontal construction, straightforward to run and higher-good quality ironing impact.
2. Steam or electrical heating.
three. Ironing for numerous of mattress sheets, towel, tablecloth, curtain or liens which are normally employed in resort, cafe, faculty, medical center, counterpane factory and laundry house, and many others.
four. In accordance to the material width, the roller length of industrial ironing device can be 1800mm, 2500mm, 2800mm and 3000mm, also we can make the duration considerably less than 1800mm as for each your specifications. And the roller can be one, double and 3. Definitely, the ironing velocity of double rollers and 3 rollers ironing equipment is faster than that of one roller ironing equipment
5. The specific construction of double chests, springs and heating proof felt ensure the rollers to preserve adequate electricity and spring cushion, which produces the floor nicely-touched. CZPT lever stability stress gadget and the cylinder strain alter program on both sides. CZPT whirl steam circulation heating program for the connecting plate enhances the ironing outcome.
six. Dependable and risk-free operation system 
With a finger guard, as soon as operator touches the plate the device will end right away. 
Anti-curliness unit can avert the fabrics curling in the chests. 
With steam and compressed air manage technique, once the strain is also low the technique will alarm. 
Several unexpected emergency end button fixed on the ir1r. Any butt1d pressed, the ir1r will stop to operate. 
The pneumatic program can CZPT and lock up the rollers to avert the fabrics and the proof felt destroyed when the device stops managing in case of no power. 
A large touch monitor controller with interactive interface on the device is easy for operator to system according to different needs.
7. Substantial performance and Lower power consumption 
The chests have a big angle heating floor, which can boost the heating efficiency. 
The ir1r adopts a single generate motor which can conserve power. The frequency converter system can alter the ironing velocity from 8~40 m/min with the change of temperature, kind of fabrics, dampness, and so forth. 
The chests adopt a CZPT heating chamber recycle system with a lot of strips on double sides. Steam can stream in the chamber with large performance. In addition, the chests are covered by thermal insulators to decrease warmth losses.
8. With CE and ISO9001 certificates.

 Other models:


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China Good quality Ironing Machine, Industrial Ironing Machine, Commercial Ironing Machine     Custom