China high quality High Precision Single Twister Machine Core Wire Bunched Wires Cable Twister Twisting Machine for Cable Great quality

Item Description

Large Precision Solitary Tornado Equipment Main Wire Bunched Wires Cable Twister Twisting Machine For Cable

It is appropriate for numerous electricity wire, CAT 5 and CAT 6 and CAT 7 info cable, communication cable and other particular higher velocity molding twist, meanwhile, the finished central wrapping and on its aspect wrapping.

The series of products consist of PLC process, frequency conversion pace-regulation management, pneumatic handle, cantilever cabling twist movement, bobbin capstan consider-up movement and reciprocating traverse movement are dual managed by mechanical linkage and pneumatic linkage,so, the superb synchronous overall performance of the unit from beginning.
Typical opeartion,sluggish cease and crisis quit position, in addition,the steady twist pitch is also make certain with small errorsat the identical time. This kind of cabling series are CZPT in the layout of production line.Superior in technologies and it is the prefered merchandise for the seriesproduction of cabling and wrapping.

1.Large rotate speed, primary shaft is lubricated by slender oil, awesome warning if oil not enough ,which can reduce the temperature and the noise,ex10d the life     of the equipment.
2.The wire goes from belt to idler pulley of major shaft straight,which can reduce scratch and keep spherical CZPT area.
3.Magnetic electrical power clutch car track and handle using up 10sion,creating the 10sion of getting up steadily.

4.Technological parameters

400-five hundred 630 800 1000 1250
Pay out-off bobbin(mm)
300-400mm four hundred-500-630 four hundred-five hundred-630 four hundred-five hundred-630 400-five hundred-630
consider-up bobbin(mm)
500 630 800 a thousand 1250
Wire diameter(mm)
.5- 2. (Gentle structure) .6- 3.(Soft structure) .6-3.(Delicate framework) one.-5. (Gentle structure) 1.-5. (Gentle composition)
Max twist diameter(mm) Φ6 Φ15 Φ20 Φ25 Φ30
Lay duration(mm)
13-eighty 20-200 30-300 thirty-350 thirty-350
Rotate pace(RPM) 850 a thousand 800 800 500
Consider-up 10sion
Auto 10sion,alter freely
Traverse technique
According to bobbin velocity reciprocating movement to modify
Traverse pitch(mm)
2.5-ten 2-12 three-twenty 3-30 three-thirty


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China high quality High Precision Single Twister Machine Core Wire Bunched Wires Cable Twister Twisting Machine for Cable     Great quality