China high quality Twin Disc Bearing 73-7-11 for Rieter Bt923 OE Spinning Machine Professional

Product Description

Great top quality Twin disc bearing 73-7-11 for Rieter BT923 OE spinning machine

Other OE spinning spare elements are accessible upon ask for.
Spare areas for OE spinning equipment, device models as following:

Schlafhorst SE8, 9, 10, eleven, 12, BD380/416/448, BD6/7…

Rieter RU04/fourteen, R1/twenty/40/60, BT923/R923/R35/R36…

Spare elements contain:

Twin Disc, Rotor Completes, Opening Roller, Navel, and so on


We have a vast 1/2″ rope potential pulley for useful redirection, gentle rigging, rescue, and mechanical edge systems. We have a lot more pulleys in the pursuing backlinks numerous of them also make as excellent as the ones underneath Tiny pulley.
Roller: A regular pulley has a slot for a belt, chain or cable. A reel is a wider pulley commonly utilized in cable programs, enabling the cable to be wound close to several times the diameter of the reel.

China high quality Twin Disc Bearing 73-7-eleven for Rieter Bt923 OE Spinning Device     Specialist