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China CZPT Wholesale Textile Equipment Loop Ceramic Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Drawing Ceramic Wire Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Areas

Solution Description
Ceramic eyelet implement to the coiling machine and spinning and weaving machinery, is in common use fault silk another piece, is utilised to demand no large fault silk situation. Silk thread slides when the occupation, in China eye outside the house, for lowering friction, must raise substance hardness, smoothness and sort. Our organization selects and employs 99%’s Al2O3, hardness better than HRa88, density 3.eighty five, surpasses essence throwing Ra0.2. 

The cramic eyelet is utilized to set much less (friction is also significantly less) spot of force appropriate. For expense reduction, in accordance to making use of a request, smoothness sprucing handicraft is allotted currently being (.8 toss Ra) around, is toss (Ra exact .4), surpasses essence throwing (Ra0.2). 
Ceramic eyelet Be that single experience is super-precise at the same time mark throw and two-sided tremendous-correct throw. Specification of China eye numerous, choose and use specification listing in typical use in sopport a customer the working day afer tomorrow now, also could demand from customers making to buy in accordance to the buyer.

Purposes of the snai wire guides

one. Ceramic snail Wire Xihu (West Lake) Dis. delivers the usefulness of easy threading, creating it an appealing different caged Wire Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Pulleys in much less vital apps. 

2. Ceramic Snail Xihu (West Lake) Dis. with Screw is applicable for wire or silk rolling of various winding devices and textile equipment. It is created of exact ceramic and polished up to RA0.2, substantial hardness and smooth surface empower the enameled wire totally free from hurt for the duration of surface area sliding. 

three. Snail Wire Xihu (West Lake) Dis. offers the convenience of effortless threading, generating it an attractive substitute to Caged Wire Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Pulleys in significantly less crucial apps, giving a 360o assistance to the wire. 


Characteristics of the snail wire guides

one, Content: AL2O399%. 
two, Hardness: HRA88. 
three, The density of 3.85g/c sq. meters. 
four, Colour: Pink, ivory white. 
five, Roughness: Wonderful sharpening over Ra0.2. 


Item Specification

Art.No A B d D E
JL0195-11444 2.six 1.8 .8 eleven.5 one
JL0199-11562 two.six 1.8 .8 two .4
JL0195-11878 two.six 1.85 1.three eight 1
JL0195-11443 2.5 one.ninety five 1.1 16 1
JL0195-11399 three two one five one
JL5710-11489 3.1 two one five 1
JL0195-11903 2.seventy five two 1.3 ninety eight .eight
JL0195-22929 three 2 one twelve 1
JL0195-11468 two.eight two.1 1.2 9.6 .eight
JL0195-11442 three 2.three 1.3 ten.five 1
JL0195-11494 three two.three one.3 14 1.5
JL0199-11522 three.8 two.3 1.3 six.1 one.three
JL0195-11924 three.1 two.3 1.five 5 1
JL5710-11933 three 2.3 1.three seven.two
JL0195-11177 3.eight 2.5 1.5 three.six 1
JL5710-11177 three.eight two.five 1.five three.six one
JL5710-11204 four 2.5 one.5 six.eight one.three
JL5710-11239 three.8 two.five one.five five one
JL5710-11257 three.5 two.5 one.eight 1.five one
JL5710-11324 three.8 2.5 1.five five.nine one.two
JL0199-11474 3.five two.five 1.4 four one
JL0195-11487 three 2.5 1.5 two.5 one
JL0195-11514 .eight 2.five one.5 1.2
JL0195-11515 3.8 2.5 one.5 5.2 one.2
JL0195-11516 three.eight 2.five 1.five four.two 1.two
JL0195-11517 3.8 2.5 one.5 3.two one.2
JL5710-11568 three.eight two.5 1.5 4 1
JL5710-11881 3.eight 2.five 1.5 6.8 1.three
JL5710-11882 3.eight 2.5 1.5 5.three one.three
JL0195-11923 3.three 2.5 1.6 eleven 1
JL0195-11925 3.eight two.5 one.five fifteen 1
JL0195-11926 3.8 two.five 1.five 8 1.three
JL0195-11930 3.5 two.five 1.6 eleven one
JL0199-11511 four.5 two.7 .9 three 1
JL0195-11182 four two.8 one.2 4.2 one.two
JL5710-11187 4.eight 2.8 one.two 4.two one.2
JL0195-11199 four.8 two.eight one 3 2
JL5710-11240 four.8 two.8 one.5 4 1
JL5710-11310 4.8 two.8 1.5 3 one
JL5710-11353 4.eight two.8 1.two 3.two one.2
JL0195-11495 3.5 2.eight one.8 13 one.5
JL5710-11500 four.8 2.8 four 1
JL0197-11535 4.4 two.eight 1 two.nine 1
JL5710-11119 4.two 2.nine 4.2 one.2
JL0195-11184 4.9 two.9 one.5 four.two 1.two
JL5710-11208 4.nine two.nine one.six 3.1
JL0195-11258 five.eight 2.9 1.five three one
JL0199-11185 4.2 three 1.5 3 1
JL0195-11186 4.2 three 4.two 1.two
JL5710-11205 5 three 1.8 two.1 one
JL5710-11206 four.2 3 one.eight 4.2 one.two
JL5710-11241 four.2 3 1.7 two 1
JL5710-11242 four.2 3 three one
JL0199-11277 4.2 3 one four 1
JL5710-11440 four.three 3 four.35 one.two
JL0195-11447 4.two three two five one
JL0195-11473 4.two 3 1 3 one
JL0195-11493 3.5 three one.three 13 1.five
JL0199-11851 four three 2 three one
JL0199-11890 four three .eight three 1
JL0199-11897 4.2 three 1.six three.two
JL0195-11922 4.five 3 1.eight fifteen one
JL0195-11927 four.two three 8 one
JL0195-11955 four 3 1.8 15.five one.5
JL0195-11103 4.two 3.1 4.two one.two
JL5710-11118 four.4 3.1 one.four three.nine one.5
JL5710-11898 4.eight three.1 one.6 four.1 one.1
JL5710-11209 four.5 3.two five 1
JL5710-11210 4.5 3.two one.two 5 one
JL5710-11211 four.five three.two one.5 five one
JL5710-11267 three.three one.7 three.4 .nine
JL5710-11465 4.8 three.3 1.5 5 1.2
JL5710-11884 four.9 3.three 1.5 5 one.2
JL5710-11266 four.6 3.four two.1 three.six one
JL0199-11298 4.5 3.five 2 3.2 1.2
JL0195-11463 4.8 3.five one.eight 3.2 1.two
JL0199-11559 six three.5 1.6 4.5 one
JL0199-11573 five three.five 2.four three.6 one
JL0195-11956 4.5 three.5 1.six three.8 1.2
JL0199-11181 six three.6 two 5 .eight
JL5710-11450 6 three.six one.7 five one
JL5710-11251 seven two 4 one.5
JL0195-11327 6 3.7 two.4 23.3 one.three
JL0195-11356 2 one.7
JL01997-11251 7 3.8 2 four 1.five
JL0199-11251 7 three.8 2 4 1.five
JL5710-11256 five.5 three.eight one.nine 3 one.five
JL5710-11311 five.5 three.8 1.5 4.five 1.5
JL0195-11848 five.five 3.8 one.nine 6.4 1.4
JL0199-11510 six three.8 one.8 3.five one
JL0195-11855 7 3.eight two four.three one.3
JL0199-11883 six.four 3.eight 1.8 one.8 one
JL5710-11947 7 three.8 2 4 one.four
JL0195-11391 five.five 3.9 1.8 3.eight 1.3
JL5710-11471 five.5 3.9 1.5 five.5 1.5
JL0195-11492 5.7 three.9 2.three 4 1.four
JL0199-11570 3.nine .55 four.1 1.1
JL0199-11584 five.7 3.nine .35
JL0199-11894 six.four 3.nine 2 one.eight 1

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Data of our organization

CZPT TechCZPT Market Co., Ltd , found in 2001, is situated in the beautiful city of China’s production sector HangZhou Town.  It is committed to nozzle, ruby merchandise, tungsten carbide goods, ceramic goods, plastic crochet hook and precision equipment production .Our primary merchandise are nozzle, ceramic roller, jump wire preventer, a variety of dimensions of ceramic eyes, combination  wire roller, ceramic wheel and non-common components, all sorts of rigidity and so on. 


one. How can I get a quotation?

You can uncover our make contact with data underneath this website page and some depth details will be really valuable to get an specific quotation. We will give quotation within 24hours, if urgent, you should notify us and we will regard your inquiry priority.
two. How can I get a sample?
As the price confirmed, you can require for samples. 
three. Can you do the design for us?
 Yes, we have our factory and we can make OEM buy.
four. How long can I expect to get the sample?
Generally it takes 7-15days to make the sample.
5. What about the lead time for mass production?

It is dependent on what type of merchandise you ordered. Usually, fifteen-25days for mass buy.
We sincerely hope to get your inquiry of this voice coil actuator! If any concerns, make sure you really feel free to get in touch with us.  Many thanks for visiting our site!O(∩_∩)O


In a compound pulley method, there is the two a movable pulley and a fastened pulley. This signifies that not only does the load “really feel” lighter, but you can also adjust the course of the drive. Even though this variety of configuration can shift heavy loads very simply, it will come at the expense of necessitating very a bit of movement to do the occupation.

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