China manufacturer Customized Wire 500mm Pair Twisting Machine Hot selling

Merchandise Description

Custom-made wire 500mm pair twisting machine


use to twisting of 7 far more strands copper wires or enamelled wire.

Large pace stranding machine, also recognized as wire bunching machine, can be extensively utilised for stranding all types of delicate / difficult conductor wires (copper wire, enamelled wire, tinned wire, copper-clad metal, copper-clad aluminum, and so on.) and electronic wires, this kind of as power line, telephone line, audio line, movie line, car line, community line, and so forth.

[technical function]:

one. The greatest speed of spindle is 3000rpm.

2. Automated rigidity handle: in the course of strand winding, the winding pressure wants to enhance continuously when the winding is gained from the bottom of the reel. This purpose can routinely keep track of and adjust the winding rigidity Make the winding stress of the whole reel uniform, and the machine can alter the stress CZPT stopping.

three. The primary motor is lubricated by oil and cooled by all-natural circulation, which successfully prolongs the service existence of the primary shaft bearing.

The wire passing method adopts a new structure. The wire passes directly from the primary shaft guide wheel to the bow belt, minus the scratch and strand leaping induced by the failure of the corner manual wheel on the aluminum plate.

4. 3 tightening devices are established in the machine to guarantee the roundness of the conductor right after stranding and minimize the reduction of insulating materials

5. The whole device is driven by synchronous belt. There is no lubrication point in the machine. The equipment is retained thoroughly clean and the stranded wire is cost-free of oil stain. It is appropriate for conductor stranding of different wire sorts with large floor cleanliness needs.

six. Only one consider-off pulley requirements to be changed to change the stranding length, and only the reversing rod wants to be pulled to change the stranding direction, so as to run just, so as to minimize the error price and function depth of the operator· The bearings of the total device are properly-acknowledged brand names in Japan, and the bow belt is created of new supplies with great versatility, so as to stay away from inventory leaping triggered by vibration throughout high-velocity procedure. The frequency converter, PLC, magnetic particle clutch, electromagnetic brake and hydraulic jack are all imported properly-identified manufacturers, so as to minimize the failure charge and routine maintenance value.

Method technical specs:

Device modle DL300 DL500 DL630
Twisting part(m) .035-.937 .073-2.5
Diameter of solitary wire(mm) .05-.28 .08-.forty five .16-.63
Max pace(RPM) 3000 3000 2000
Electrical power(KW) three.7 five.five 7.five
Gross weigh(KW)t 30 150 550



In a twin pulley system, this ratio is equivalent to the reference diameter of the output pulley getting higher than the reference diameter of the enter pulley. It really is fairly easy as lengthy as you compute the equipment ratios for a more complex pulley system step by phase. For numerous pulleys, the ratios of the various components of the mechanism have to be calculated to establish the all round ratio. In the image above, the reference diameter of the lower travel wheel is 20mm, the radius of the higher wheel is 40mm, and the ratio is 2:1. 2 spins on the reduced wheel and 1 spin on the higher wheel. The gear ratio also tells us some thing about the torque of the method simply because the ratio of output torque to input torque is equivalent to the gear ratio. As a result, the torque used to the higher wheel is two times as rapidly, but the velocity is halved.

China manufacturer Customized Wire 500mm Pair Twisting Machine     Hot selling