China manufacturer Headstand Type Skin Pass/ One Draw Wire Drawing Machine Free Design Custom

Item Description

Headstand Drawing Machine for Fas10er Rods

one. Framework:

The equipment consists of primary reduction box,die casing,wheel body,sash brace and

electrical handle program.The spinning drawing blocks are pushed by motor,with gear CZPT runs changeful gears to reduce pace. The drawing blocks are vertically fixed in sealed box body.The equipment pair are lubricated with oil.


2. Usage:

The established of the machines is an best tools for drawing wire inventory of substantial,medium and carbon steel,as effectively as coper,alumium and alloy.The machine are applied for drawing wire in the factories,this kind of as welding wire mesh aspect, vehicle fas10er factory etc.


three. Inverted Vertical Wire Drawing Machine

Design unit LDD-1400 LDD-1200 LDD-one thousand LDD-700 LDD-600
Diameter of capstan mm 1400 1200 1000 800 600
Max. diameter of inlet wire mm 40 thirty-25 twenty-sixteen 16-8 twelve-6.five
Drawing pace m/min -28 -48 -sixty -eighty -a hundred and twenty
Common  compression ratio % twenty five-ten 25-ten twenty five-ten thirty-25 30
Motor electricity KW a hundred and ten 75-fifty five fifty five-45 45-37 30-22
Just take-up w8 KG 2300 2300 2300 1000-2000 800-1500

4. Images


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China manufacturer Headstand Type Skin Pass/ One Draw Wire Drawing Machine     Free Design Custom