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Solution Description

 1.    About us

HangZhou CZPT Device Co., Ltd. 1 of the top wire drawing device makers in China , is specialized in manufacturing wire drawing machines , which was proven in 2000.

Our merchandise are well-liked in a lot of provinces of china and have currently been exported to Vietnam , Ind1sia, Uzbekistan Kenya, South Africa,Algeria,Egypt, Iran, Turkey,Xihu (West Lake) way of,Saudi Arabia and so on

Superb geographic place and simple transportation accessibility, only 2k meter from HangZhou airport and adjacent to countrywide freeway 312.Welcome buddies of all industries to pay a visit to and instruct our manufacturing unit.

China Producer for Oto Pulley Variety Wire Drawing Machine

Product  Details 

1. Description:
The pulley variety continuous wire drawing device has the qualities of straightforward structure, reduced price, and straightforward procedure, and it is ideal for drawing a variety of medium and slender fiber material, especially for moderate metal wire, galvanized iron wire, metal head wire, stainless metal wire, rubber hose steel wire, spring steel wire, rod welding wire and copper wire aluminum rod, and so on. 
Scope of software: gas-defense welding wire, welding electrode, stainless metal wire, galvanized iron wire, bullet and difficult wire, copper wire, and metallic merchandise wire, and so forth. 

a. Use:
The established of the machine is best tools drawing wire stock of substantial, medium and carbon steel, as well as copper, aluminum and alloy. The devices are utilized to drawing wire in the factories these kinds of as wire-metal manufacturing unit, metallic mesh manufacturing unit and nail creating manufacturing unit and so forth. 

b. Composition:

The gear consists of principal reduction box.die casing, wheel frame, sash brace and electrical management program. The spinning drawing blocks are pushed by JZT sequence motor, with equipment CZPT operates changeful gears to decrease pace. The drawing blocks are vertically set in sealed box physique. The equipment pairs are lubricated with oil.

In buy to reduce residual warmth on the floor of the block, the CZPT signifies is put in in interval of the block. To lessen its operating temperature, the device is soaked in CZPT drinking water.

c. Material:

Suited for Drawing Welding rod welding Wire (fuel safety welding wire and submerged arc welding wire) steel wire (medium, reduced carbon steel wire, stainless metal wire) Wire and cable (copper wire, aluminum wire) and other metal wires

* Different mixed drawing products can be designed in accordance to the customers’ requirements

two. Specialized Parameters:

Technical specs FOR OTO/PULLEY WIRE DRAWING Machine





LW1-9/450(four hundred)

Capstan diameter


650, seven hundred

560, 600

450, four hundred

Inlet wire diameter





Min outlet wire diameter





Inlet wire 10sile toughness


four hundred-1200



Drawing speed





Drawing dies





Overall reduction charge





Motor energy





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Roller: A typical pulley has a slot for a belt, chain or cable. A reel is a broader pulley generally utilised in cable systems, permitting the cable to be wound all around several instances the diameter of the reel.

China OEM China Manufacturer for Oto Pulley Type Wire Drawing Machine     factory