China OEM Galvanized Wire Drawing Machine Oto Pulley Type Free Design Custom

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Galvanized wire drawing machine OTO pulley kind
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1. Description:
The pulley kind constant wire drawing device has the traits of simple construction, low cost, and effortless operation, and it is suitable for drawing a variety of medium and thin fiber content, specially for delicate metal wire, galvanized iron wire, steel head wire, stainless steel wire, rubber hose steel wire, spring metal wire, rod welding wire and copper wire aluminum rod, and so forth. 
Scope of software: fuel-defense welding wire, welding electrode, stainless metal wire, galvanized iron wire, bullet and challenging wire, copper wire, and steel item wire, and so forth. 

a. Usage:
The established of the equipment is ideal tools drawing wire stock of high, medium and carbon steel, as well as copper, aluminum and alloy. The equipment are utilized to drawing wire in the factories this kind of as wire-metal manufacturing unit, metal mesh manufacturing facility and nail making factory and many others. 

b. Framework:

The equipment is made up of main reduction box.die casing, wheel frame, sash brace and electrical control method. The spinning drawing blocks are driven by JZT sequence motor, with equipment coupling runs changeful gears to minimize velocity. The drawing blocks are vertically fastened in sealed box physique. The gear pairs are lubricated with oil.

In get to reduce residual heat on the area of the block, the cooling indicates is set up in interval of the block. To reduce its functioning temperature, the machine is soaked in cooling water.

c. Content:

Appropriate for Drawing Welding rod welding Wire (gasoline security welding wire and submerged arc welding wire) metal wire (medium, low carbon metal wire, stainless steel wire) Wire and cable (copper wire, aluminum wire) and other steel wires

* Various merged drawing gear can be created according to the customers’ requirements

two. Complex Parameters:

3. Machine photos

four. Layout

five. Firm information:

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China OEM Galvanized Wire Drawing Machine Oto Pulley Type     Free Design Custom