China OEM High-Grade 630-1250 Bunching Core Wire Cantilever Single Twisting Machine Best Sales

Merchandise Description

Large-Quality 630-1250 Bunching Core Wire Cantilever One Twisting Device

It is appropriate for various electricity wire, CAT 5 and CAT 6 and CAT 7 knowledge cable, conversation cable and other special high speed molding twist, in the meantime, the finished central wrapping and on its aspect wrapping.

2.Overall performance
The sequence of products consist of PLC method, frequency conversion velocity-regulation control, pneumatic manage, cantilever cabling twist motion, bobbin capstan take-up motion and reciprocating traverse movement are dual managed by mechanical linkage and pneumatic linkage,so, the outstanding synchronous performance of the device from commencing.
Typical opeartion,gradual quit and crisis end position, in addition,the steady twist pitch is also make sure with little errorsat the identical time. This kind of cabling series are CZPT in the layout of generation line.Sophisticated in technologies and it is the prefered product for the seriesproduction of cabling and wrapping.

one.Substantial rotate speed, primary shaft is lubricated by slender oil, awesome warning if oil not sufficient ,which can decrease the temperature and the noise,ex10d the life     of the machine.
two.The wire goes from belt to loafer pulley of principal shaft right,which can reduce scratch and keep round CZPT area.
three.Magnetic electrical power clutch vehicle monitor and manage having up 10sion,creating the 10sion of using up steadily.

four.Complex parameters

four hundred-five hundred 630 800 1000 1250
Shell out-off bobbin(mm)
three hundred-400mm four hundred-500-630 four hundred-five hundred-630 four hundred-500-630 400-500-630
consider-up bobbin(mm)
five hundred 630 800 one thousand 1250
Wire diameter(mm)
.5- 2. (Comfortable composition) .6- 3.(Comfortable framework) .6-3.(Delicate composition) one.-5. (Gentle composition) 1.-5. (Gentle composition)
Max twist diameter(mm) Φ6 Φ15 Φ20 Φ25 Φ30
Lay length(mm)
13-eighty 20-two hundred thirty-three hundred thirty-350 thirty-350
Rotate velocity(RPM)
850 1000 800 800 500
Take-up 10sion
Auto 10sion,alter freely
Traverse approach
According to bobbin speed reciprocating movement to alter
Traverse pitch(mm)
two.5-10 2-twelve 3-twenty three-30 3-thirty


Redirect your twin climbing traces with ISC’s dual redirect pulley. This is the least difficult way to redirect double traces, with swinging aspect panels and side-by-aspect aluminum pulleys. With the wiggling cheek design, this enhances the redirect setup nicely. Turn on the pulley, faucet the rope on the two legs to connect it and redirect it to the ideal line angle for a lot more performance. The sloped layout of the higher panel retains the rope pulley and running appropriately. Manufactured of lightweight aluminum, this pulley is lovely and compact, so it will not likely take up way too considerably room on your belt.
Lively Pulley: The “input” pulley in a dual-pulley system. The shaft of this pulley is pushed by one thing like a motor, a crank, or possibly another pulley in greater methods. This pulley controls the movement of the belt.

China OEM High-Grade 630-1250 Bunching Core Wire Cantilever Single Twisting Machine     Best Sales