China Professional Alumina Ceramic Guide for Textile Machines Great quality

Merchandise Description

Alumina Ceramic Xihu (West Lake) Dis. For Textile Equipment

The primary functions of the ceramic guidebook for textile devices
1. Exceptional put on resistance and hardness much better than metal 1s
2. Lower yarn 10sions CZPT any yarn hurt
3. Extended support lifestyle on each special yarns and uncooked supplies with intense additives
four. Highest yarn cleanliness CZPT any fault silk situation
five. Superb mechanical energy, fracture toughness, and bending strength
six. Excellent use resistance and hardness much better than metal 1s
seven. Very good insulation, totally free of static electric power, resistant magnetic
eight. Superb thermal conductivity coefficient and thermal shock home
9. Corrosion resistance in severe doing work conditions
ten. Exceptional thermal shock resistance and excellent thermal steadiness
11. Nox-harmful, wholesome material, eco-welcoming materials
12. Satisfy with RoHS, Reach regulation totally

The specification of the ceramic manual for textile machines

Substance selection Alumina(Al2O3), Zirconia (ZrO2), Titania (TiO2)
Forming techniques Dry pressed, Ceramic injection molding, Very hot pressed
Specification OD can be from 1 to 50mm
Precision processing Precision Grinding, Sharpening, Lapping, 
Important parameters Fantastic quality roughness to be .4mm, diamond-like polish to be Ra0.1
Area good quality Cost-free of cracks, foreign contamination, mirror floor

The description of ceramic wire guides
Sophisticated ceramic melt spinning components, which includes traverse guides, pigtail guides, air-jet nozzle, spin end applicators have been ex10sively using the CZPT fiber production. With our veteran understanding for resources and developing experience for the layout of the physical application in the generation, we can design and style the get in touch with surface with yarn, thread to be the perfect point out with the CZPT sharpening end.

We provide a number of ceramic yarn guides for thread guides, yarn forming, and yarn modification by means of different shaping methods in various technical raw supplies as per customers’ wants.

All these ceramic yarn guides are developed for use in processes at low yarn 10sions with no injury. It assists decrease and maintain instances and increases manufacturing effectiveness significantly. 

The gallery of ceramic wire guides

We have been creating a assortment of ceramic wire manual, including ceramic pigtail, ceramic traverse guide,
ceramic roller, ceramic bobbin, and so on.

Datasheet of Technical ceramics

Residence Models Material
ninety nine%
ninety five%


Density g/cm3 ≥3.85 ≥3.eighty ≥3.sixty ≥5.95 ≥5.72
Water absorption %
Hardness HV 1700 1700 1500 1300 900
Flexural strength Mpa ≥379 ≥338 ≥320 ≥1200 ≥1200
Compressive toughness Mpa ≥2240 ≥2240 ≥2000 ≥1990 1750
Fracture toughness Mpa mone/2 four-five four-five three-4 six.5-eight 11
Max. support
ºC 1675 1600 1450 one thousand  
CTE 1×10 -6 /ºC six.5~8. 6.2~8. 5.~8. 8.~9.5 ten.two
Thermal shock T(ºC) ≥250 ≥200 ≥220 ≥300 350
Thermal conductivity(25ºC) W/m.k thirty 29 24 3 three
Volume resistivity          
25ºC >1 x 10 14 >1 x ten 14 >1 x ten 14 >1 x ten 11 >1 x ten 11
300ºC 1 x 10 12 8 x ten 11 10 12 -ten 13 one x 10 ten one x 10 ten
500ºC 5 x 10 10 two x 10 9 1 x 10 9 one x 10 6 one x ten 6
Insulation energy KV/mm 19 eighteen eighteen 17 twenty
Dielectric consistent(1Mhz) (E) nine.7 9.5 9.5 29 28


Manufacturing flow chart of advanced ceramic eyelet

We have in-housing thorough producing sorts of gear, including forming, sintering,
CNC machining, precision grinding, laser reducing, and so on, it assists us to handle the quality very well.
Also, it drastically benefits cost manage.

FAQs (Regularly Requested Queries)
Q1. Are you a manufacturing facility or trading firm?
A: We are a manufacturer with over 12 years of encounter. You are welcome to visit our factory.

Q2: Do you deliver a sample to check out?
A: Sure, the sample is totally free and fr8 acquire.

Q3: When will you ship it?
A: If the products are in storage, we’ll ship within 48 hours

This fall: When can I get the price tag?
A: We regularly quotation inside 24 hours following we get your inquiry. If you are in urgent need of getting the price tag.
You should call us or notify us in your e-mail so that we will proceed with your inquiry as a precedence.

Q5: Is it accessible to offer custom-made products?
A: We constantly help custom made-produced need as per various resources, proportions, and designs.

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China Professional Alumina Ceramic Guide for Textile Machines     Great quality