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Item Description

CZPT business largely create alumina tubes&comma rods and different industrial ceramic areas&comma which are mostly used in thermalcouple temperature&comma liquid metal continous temperature&comma numerous industrial furnace&lparcontainig vacuum furnace&comma carburizing furnace&comma wire furnace&comma atmosphere furnace etc&rpar&comma particularly extensively employed in petrochemical&comma spinning&comma electric powered&comma instrumentation&comma mechanical workout&comma armed forces task etc industry&period

Sillimatin 60 Sort C 530&comma Alsint 99&period7 Type C 799 and Pythagoras Variety C 610&comma all complying with DIN VDE 571&period
The major apps are in the area of thermal processes&interval Security tubes&comma insulators&comma radiant tubes&comma assistance tubes for electric heaters&comma beams&comma profiles&comma incineration aids and specific fabrications&time period
The Impervious Components are&colon
Alsint&lparRe-crystallised Alumina&rpar is rated to 1700oC
Pythagoras&lparAluminous Porcelain&rpar is rated to 1400oC
The Porous Content is&colon
Sillimantin sixty and is rated at 1350oC
Sillimantin has much better thermal shock resistance and is utilised mostly in furnace tubes&comma nevertheless can be utilized as an outer defense sheath if thermal shock is crucial&period of time

Noble metallic thermocouple defense&comma furnace tubes&comma substantial temperature vacuum furnaces&comma warmth treating furnace rollers&comma radiant tubes&comma laser tubes&comma corona treater tubes and CZPT turbines&interval

Corrosive environments and electrical insulation programs&period Noble metal thermocouples and diffusion furnace profile couples&comma laser wave guides and RTD’s

Property of materials&colon

Materials 85 Al2o3 90 Al2o3 95 Al2o3 99 Al2o3
Al2o3 eighty five&percnt 90&percnt 93&percnt ninety nine&period30&percnt
Fe2o3 ≤ 1&period0 ≤ 0&period5 ≤ 0&period5 ≤ 0&period3
Desnsity&colon g &sol cm3 3&period4 3&period5 three&period6 three&period85
Vickers Hardness &geq 8&period6 &geq 8&period8 9 nine
Water Absorption&colon&percnt ≤ 0&period2 ≤ 0&period1 ≤ 0&period085 ≤ 0&period01
Refractoriness&colon°C 1580 °C 1600 °C 1650 °C 1800°C
Flexural Strength&colonMpa 180 two hundred 240 280
Wear Rate&lpar at room temperature&comma 

erosion&comma 100 grinding&rpar&percnt

≤ 3 ≤ 2&period5 ≤ 1 ≤ 0&period5


Feature Software Main utilization
one&periodGreat mechanical strength Electric powered appliance industry                                     

Automotive sector

one&periodHeat treatment furnace 

and toughened furnace

two&periodHigh softening temperature
three&periodGood resistance to thermal impact
4&periodSmall thermal expansion coefficient  Mechanical industry              

Engineer industry 

two&periodInner liner tube and heating

 tube in electric furnace

five&periodGood chill and abrupt heat properties
6&period Resistance to acid and alkali corrosion

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China Professional C799 Al2O3 Alumina Ceramic Yarn Guide Roller     wholesaler