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Merchandise Description

Cantilever variety solitary cable stranding machine used in the laying-up and stranding of electricity wire,telecommunications cable,manage cable, CAT-5, CAT-6, CAT-7 date cable and other special main-wire,also can synchronously complete center wrapping or side wrapping.

2.Specialized parameter for Cantilever Type Core Wire Cable Single twisting Equipment:

cantilever kind cable solitary stranding equipment
technical parameters  
machine sort GF-630 GF-800 GF-a thousand GF-1250
one wire diameter ø0.6-3.0mm ø0.6-4.0mm ø1.-5.0mm ø1.-5.0mm
max stranding wire diameter ø15mm ø20mm ø25mm ø30mm
stranding pitch 10-180mm 20-250mm 30-350mm thirty-400mm
shell out-off reel specification ø400-500mm ø400-630mm
get-off reel specification ø630 ø800 ø1000 ø1250
rotation pace 1000rpm/min 800rpm/min 600rpm/min 550rpm/min
shaft lifting electric hydraulic lifting
just take-up rigidity pneumatic stress(adjustable)
stranding course SZ remaining and appropriate cost-free selection
traverse type take-up by self-operating of wire drum,reciprocal traverse
wrapping way center wind-wrapping or side straight-wrapping

three.Characteristics for Cantilever Kind Main Wire Cable Solitary twisting Device:

  •  High rotate speed, main shaft is lubricated by thin oil, cool warning if oil not adequate, which can reduce the temperature and the noise, lengthen the life of the equipment.
  • The wire goes from bow belt to idler pulley of main shaft straight, which can reduce scratch and keep spherical cross segment.
  •  CZPT powder clutch car monitor and handle getting up tension, creating the tension of consider up steadily.
  • Large production speed, constant stress from empty to complete bobbin, particularly for large top quality stranding wire.
  • Adjust manual wheel to adjust lay length, effortless to work.
  • Use synchronous belt push,

four.Technical parameter:three. Machine major electric powered manufacturer
Motor: SCZPT (china) Motor
Transducer: American Emerson transducer
Temperature controller: Omron Model PID Intelligent variety
Male-Device interface: ten.2 inch shade
PLC and Manage Module: Siemens
Screw and Barrel: Made by jinhu Business.
Bearing: Japan NSK or other identical good quality manufacturer
Minimal voltage electrical areas: Adopts SIEMENS, OMRON, SCHNEIDER brands,and so on.

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China sales One Top Service and Training for Cantilever Type Core Wire Cable Single Twisting Machine     supplier