China shop Grooved Ceramic Eyelet, Coil Winding Guide Eyelet, Textile Guide Eyelet Great quality

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Grooved Ceramic Eyelet, Coil Winding Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Eyelet, Textile Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Eyelet

We gives higher good quality Textile Grooved donning ceramic eyelet, Alumina Ceramic Eyelets and zirconia ceramic eyelet for Textile, Fiber and Wire Processing Machines. These Ceramic Eyelets are offered in various specs and proportions. They are manufactured in Alumina, Titania and Zirconia ceramics.

Alumina Textile ceramic eyelet guides (Ceramic ring ) and zirconia ceramic eyelet are utilized to the coiling device and spinning and weaving machinery, it is in common use fault silk yet another piece, is utilized to need no higher fault silk occasion. Silk thread slides when the task, in China eye outside, for minimizing friction, should CZPT materials hardness, smoothness and type. Our firm selects and uses 99%’s Al2O3, hardness higher than HRa88, density 3.eighty five, surpasses essence throwing Ra0.2.

The alumia ceramic (Textile ceramic eyelet) Zirconia ceramic eyelet is used to set considerably less (friction is also less) spot of force proper. For value reduction, according to utilizing a request, smoothness sprucing handicraft is allotted getting (.8 toss Ra) roughly, is toss (Ra exact .4), surpasses essence throwing (Ra0.2). Be that solitary encounter is tremendous-correct at the identical time mark toss and 2-sided tremendous-exact toss. Specification of China eye a lot of, select and use specification listing in frequent use in sopport a customer the day afer tomorrow now, also might desire creating to order according to the client. The alumina ceramic eyelet(zirconia ceramic eyelet) is 1 of our function merchandise with competitive price.


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China shop Grooved Ceramic Eyelet, Coil Winding Guide Eyelet, Textile Guide Eyelet     Great quality