China supplier Gl Hight Quality Overhead CZPT Wheel Custom

Solution Description

Gl Hight Good quality Overhead CZPT Wheel

Trolley wheel attributes:
1) Materials: sixty#, sixty five #, 65Mn, 42CrMoA
two) Warmth treatment method: Hardening and tempering, large frequency quenching, carburizing quenching and so on
three) Trand floor and rim quench hardness: HRC45-fifty five
four) Trand area and rim quench depth: fifteen-18mm
five) processing wheel diameter: Φ 300-1000mm
six)Precise measurement and surface area finishes are obtainable
7)Inspection: All things are checked and tested thoroughly for the duration of every single operating procedure and after the product is lastly created to ensure that best quality product goes out in the market place.
8)great good quality with realistic price, well timed shipping and delivery and fantastic customer services.

It is employed in crane, port device, oil drilling rig and so on.

 Double rim  No rim  D  D1  D  B  B1
 W200A  W200B  P.C.D200  200  240  50~eighty  80  50
 W250A  W250B  P.C.D250  250  300  50~a hundred  100  75
 W300A  W300B  P.C.D300  300  350  80~110  115  80
 W350A  W350B  P.C.D350  350  400  100~one hundred twenty five  125  100
 W400A  W400B  P.C.D400  400  450  110~one hundred thirty  125  100
 W450A  W450B  P.C.D450   450  500  120~a hundred and fifty  150  110
 W500A  W500B  P.C.D500   500  550  130~one hundred sixty  170  115
 W560A  W560B  P.C.D560   560  610  140~one hundred seventy  200  125
 W630A  W630B  P.C.D630   630  680  150~a hundred and eighty  200  125
 W710A  W710B  P.C.D710   710  760  160~230  200  140
 W800A  W800B  P.C.D800   800  850  170~250  210  145
 W850A  W850B  P.C.D850   850  900  180~250  210  145
 W900A  W900B  P.C.D900  900  950  190~250  210  145
 W950A  W950B  P.C.D950   950 one thousand  200~250  210  145
 W1000A  W1000B  P.C.D1000  one thousand 1050  200~280  220  145

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China supplier Gl Hight Quality Overhead CZPT Wheel     Custom