China supplier High Speed Steel Wire Rod Straightening and Cutting Machine Hot selling

Product Description





The diameter variety of bar


Metal bar


Metal bar


Metal bar







Pace of services(m/min)


108-a hundred thirty

108-one hundred thirty

Slicing duration selection(m)




The set up ability(KW)


forty two.5


W8 of equipment(kg)




Dimensions of machine(mm)





coil rebar straigh10ing and reducing machine is used to straigh10ing wire or rebar, and then cut it into the needed length. It can do a prepare work for the wire mesh welding machine. 
So it is widely accepted to the factory who is dealing wire wires and wire mesh. Also widely used in construction area.

one. Equipped with imported PLC control system and color touch monitor panel, simple to operate.
two.With quickly velocity and heavy load, Cantilever kind paying off  rack can load rebar conveniently. 
3.Exceptional aligning mechanism design and style to straigh10 the rebar primarily and increase the straigh10ing effectiveness.
4.Synchronous buffering hydraulic shearing system can function constantly and successfully.(Pa10ted )
five.Hydraulic content amassing system improve the efficiency tremendously and minimize the labor extremely.(Pa10ted )
six.twenty straigh10ing pulleys are dislocated uniquely. The straigh10ing good quality of rebar is really good.
7.Tough aligning system with long support existence.
8.The straigh10ing velocity can be ajusted by frequency conversion driving system,the Max.straigh10ing pace can attain to 130m/m.
nine.Manage program consists of Inovance PLC, CZPT frequency converter and Weinview contact display.

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China supplier High Speed Steel Wire Rod Straightening and Cutting Machine     Hot selling