China supplier Plastic Flanged Ceramic Wire Roller for Cabe Machine factory

Item Description

Wire manual pulley&lparwire roller): Relevant for reasonable guiding of different enameled wires and silks. The center ceramic coil is created of exact ceramic and matched with high-velocity bearing. The groove is polished to Ra0.2. Baffles in equally sides can avoid the enameled wire to soar out of the groove during winding and the winding 10sion can be preserved in a steady way. Or, entire ceramic is merged with high-velocity bearing, which is referred to as ceramic roller and is applicable for wire or CZPT of a variety of winding machinery and textile machinery.

Specification table of wire roller
Modle No A&lpar&lparmm) B&lparmm) C&lparmm) D&lparmm) E&lparmm)
HCR001-B03 twenty 15 3 four.8 three
HCR002-B04 twenty 4 6.four four
HCR003-B03 30.four 15 3 ten three
HCR004-B04 forty 20 4 15 3
HCR045-B04 45   30 4   10
HCR045-B05 5
HCR045-B06 6
HCR005-B05 54.5 30 five 10 6
HCR005-B06 6
HCR005-B07 7
HCR005-B08 8
HCR006-B07 60 40 seven 13 7
HCR006-B08 8
HCR006-B10 10
HCR006-B12 12
HCR007-B05 60 30 5 18 6
HCR007-B06 six
HCR007-B07 seven
HCR007-B08 8
HCR008-B10 79.2 50 ten fifteen nine
HCR009-B07 80.5 40 7 25 7
HCR009-B08 eight
HCR571-B10 ninety nine.3 fifty 10 29.five nine

Product Name: Plastic flanged Ceramic pulley

Location of Origin: Xihu (West Lake) Dis. CZPT China
Model Name: KIMCHEN
Substance: ninety nine&percnt AL2O3 Ceramic, Plastic Cover or Alumina Go over
Software: Wire Xihu (West Lake) Dis.
Polish: Good Polish diploma Ra0.2
Bearing: Large Dashing bearing
Hardness: > HRA89
Volume Density: >3.88
Color: Black and pink
Molding Strategy: Low Stress IN JECTION
Minimum Order Amount: 100 Pcs
Packaging Information: Carton with foam
Shipping and delivery Time: three days
Payment Phrases: T&solT, Western Union, M1y  Gram, Paypal
Source Ability: 5,000,000pcs for each thirty day period

Detailed Item Description:
Plastic Flanged Ceramic Wire manual pulley is typically utilized comp1nt when wire passing is necessary, it can be utilized in coil winding machine. cable equipment and the textile equipment as effectively. The porcelain ring is mounted on the bearing. Coil winding wire manual pulley&lparwire roller) will rotate by the thread and wire passing on the surface area of the ring. Hence the sliding friction has been transformed to the static friction. But at the commence and stop, in order to conquer the inertia. there will be a partial sliding friction. The surface polish degree of the porcelain ring reaches Ra0.2&semithe beating for the duration of rotation is underneath .fifteen.We decide on the 99&percnt AL2O3 as the content with the hardness of HRA88 and the density of 3.eighty five.. Two nylon aspect partitions have been place to the the two aspect of the ceramic ring and the bearing, coil winding wire guide pulley &lparwire roller) brings together 1 wire roller


Modle No A B C D E Bearing No W8&lparg)
HCR001 -B03 twenty 15 three 4.eight 3 623 three
HCR002 -B03 28.4 20 three 6.four 4 623 7
-B04 four four&ast10
-B05 5 five&ast10
HCR003 -B03 thirty.four fifteen 3 10 3 623 seven
HCR004 -B04 40 20 four 15 3 694 12
-B05 5 685
-B07 seven 677
HCR045 -B05 45 30 five 10 6 635 20
-B06 6 626
-B07 seven 607
-B08 eight 698
HCR005 -B05 55 30 5 10 6 635 25
-B06 6 626
-B07 seven 607
-B08 eight 698
HCR006 -B07 60 40 seven 13 6 627 40
-B08 eight 608
-B10 10 6900
-B12 12 6901
HCR007 -B05 60 30 five 18 6 635 35
-B06 six 626
-B07 seven 607
-B08 8 698
HCR008 -B10 80 50 ten 15 9 6200 95
-B12 12 6001
HCR009 -B07 80 40 7 25 6 627 60
-B08 eight 608
HCR571 -B10 one hundred fifty ten thirty 9 6200 one hundred twenty

Product Identify: Alumina flanged Ceramic pulley
Applied to enameled wire or thread suitable direction, such as porcelain ring by the precision ceramic generation, Ra0.2, groove specific sprucing ceramic ring with substantial-velocity bearing, on the two sides of the baffle can stop the enameled wire winding soar out of the trough, uniform in the course of winding 10sion remained stable at the same time, also have directly by ceramic and substantial-speed bearing blend that ceramic ceramic roller. Applicable to a variety of types of coiling device and spinning and weaving machinery of the silk thread elements. 


A movable pulley is a pulley exactly where when you go a large item, the drum moves with it. There is no alter in the route of the force you need to utilize, but the load will “truly feel” lighter than it actually is. For illustration, if you’re hauling a large hay bale up the barn’s attic, a moveable pulley will make the load truly feel a great deal lighter, even though you might be pulling in the exact same course.
A movable pulley is a pulley in which when you move a large object, the drum moves with it. There is no modify in the course of the power you want to utilize, but the load will “really feel” lighter than it really is. For example, if you are hauling a hefty hay bale up the barn’s attic, a moveable pulley will make the load come to feel a whole lot lighter, even although you are pulling in the very same direction.

China supplier Plastic Flanged Ceramic Wire Roller for Cabe Machine     factory