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Merchandise Description

Flat transmission Belt

UNI electricity transmission belts are tailor-made to fit certain business and application wants or machine patterns. We provide three different traction layer supplies, used by a few distinct belt concepts, for open up drive, tangential push, numerous pulley push, dwell-roller travel, and double-sided power transmission.

The versatility and vitality-preserving homes of these maintenance-cost-free belts make them a essential part in all locations of energy transmission technological innovation. Their prolonged service daily life and small or no surprising machine downtime make them a reputable remedy throughout a assortment of industries.

–CZPT provider life 
–Transmission performance: in excess of 98% 
–Transmission speed: more than 60m/s 
–Good versatility and directionality 
–Excellent dimensional stability 
–Continual friction coefficient. 

The totally synthetic, substantial-top quality energy transmission belts are outfitted with a sturdy and resilient traction layer

made of polyamide, polyester, or aramid. Wear-, oil- and grease-resistant friction addresses produced of NBR rubber offer a substantial diploma of steady friction amongst belt and pulleys.
Our one-end shop approach signifies that you can get all your belting-related products and solutions from the same expert supplier. This lowers purchasing and logistics complexity, as nicely as expenses, and also comes with an attractive value/price ratio.


Redirect your dual climbing traces with ISC’s dual redirect pulley. This is the easiest way to redirect double strains, with swinging aspect panels and aspect-by-side aluminum pulleys. With the wiggling cheek style, this enhances the redirect set up nicely. Turn on the pulley, tap the rope on the two legs to link it and redirect it to the very best line angle for a lot more efficiency. The sloped style of the upper panel retains the rope pulley and working appropriately. Produced of light-weight aluminum, this pulley is lovely and compact, so it will not just take up also considerably place on your belt.

China supplier Polyester Power Transmission Belt     Hot selling