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Solution Description

HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n Equipment Co., Ltd. are specialist workshop for Powder Metallurgy Sintering is manufactured by bronze / iron / stainless metal powder, mould pressed below higher stress and then sintered under higher temperature. It is commonly employed for electric equipments, electirc equipment, woven equipment, chemical engineering machines, agricultural devices, construction & engineering machines, vehicle sector, and many others.

Product Specifications/Functions: 
(1) Minor and a small machining.
(2) The content utilization is large, it can reach more than ninety five%.
(3) The dimensions of parts has good consis10cy and security Precision can get to .01 MM.
(4) In accordance to requirement of consumer to the part efficiency, the materials composition can be adjusted.
(5) According to customer wants, areas surface area can be processed in purchase to enhance the strength and hardness.
(6) With the die forming, we can produce other machining which is not ready to make the shape of the complex or special profiled.
(7) It is ideal for mass creation, so the manufacturing effectiveness is large, the cost is reduced than machining.


Product Powdered metals bearing house sinter metals bearing bracket
Surface area remedy Sprucing, sand blast, Plating, as your requirements
Size Tailored
Materials Iron, Steel, Brass, Bronze and Stainless Steel
Technological innovation Compacting, Sintering, Machining, Steam remedy, Chemical analysis by spectrometer for every heat, VI(visible examine)a hundred%, dimensional examine.
Products Powder metallurgy equipment
Powder metallurgy belt pulley
Sintered absorber element
Sintered brake
Powder metallurgy copper bush
Sintered oil-pump
Powder metallurgy sleeve

About us

HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n Equipment is expert for manufacturing, sale and investigation of Powder Metallurgy Sintering is created by bronze / iron / stainless steel powder, mildew pressed beneath higher strain and then sintered beneath higher temperature. Substantial temperature alloy centrifugal cast tube, Warmth resistant metal precision castings and sand mold casting.
The major items are: Ethylene cracking CZPT furnace tube, reformer CZPT tube, all sorts of CZPT alloy elbow, CZPT tube sheet, hook, hanger, bracket and other warmth resistant CZPT merchandise. CZPT rollers, radiant tubes, sink roll, stabilizing roll, support arm and sleeve and other warmth resistant alloy utilised for continuous galvanizing line(ongoing annealing line), all sorts of heat treatment method fixtures used for heating processing equipment, like tray, basket, supporter and so on. Widely employed for CZPT brand name heat therapy gear, this sort of as IPSEN, AICHELIN, FONTON, and so forth.
We dedicated to the strict high quality control and strictly implement ISO9000 collection good quality administration method, Guarantee the castings in every process of every single station “zero defect” creation, High quality has gained the acceptance of buyers at residence and abroad.
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Movable Pulley: A pulley that rotates and translates in accordance to the motion of the pulley or belt. This is generally used in blocking and deal with techniques, which I will clarify later on.
Roller: A regular pulley has a slot for a belt, chain or cable. A reel is a broader pulley generally utilised in cable methods, enabling the cable to be wound close to numerous instances the diameter of the reel.

China supplier Powdered Metals Bearing House Sinter Metals Bearing Bracket     Best Sales