China supplier Robotic CNC Metal Spinning and Turning Machine for LED Light Reflective Cup Shade Custom

Solution Description


Solution Description

Weighty Obligation Substantial Performance DOUBLE ROLLERS SPINNING Sequence

Weighty Duty CNC Metallic Spinning Machine WLH-DRS1050
WLH-D series is a weighty-responsibility double roller CNC steel spinning equipment with multi-axis and multi-channel handle system, which can realize synchronous and staggered spinning. It can approach blanks with the dimensions of a lot more than 650mm, built-in CZPT bed, integral 2-way ball screw, outfitted with unbiased spindle, driven by higher-precision imported servo motor, and has sturdy functionality. The machine is also broadly used. It is suitable for spinning areas processing in household, vehicle, hardware, air conditioning, surroundings, admirer, chemical and other industries. It can approach aluminum, iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper plate, aluminum alloy plate and other supplies, and can comprehend basic rotation and sturdy rotation with huge diameter and thickness.

Advantages of steel spinning
Metal spinning displays evident benefits in conditions of price-usefulness and overall flexibility. Cost savings in substance and the chance of creating any kind of sort changes at low tool value and in quickly generation operates make metal spinning 1 of the most competitive options to other processes, these kinds of as deep drawing. The high perform-hardening charge enables the use of far more price-effective supplies, whilst nonetheless guaranteeing the security of the concluded report and the essential enhanced power. This results in an massive cost savings po10tial in conditions of substance and w8. Metal spinning resources (spinning rollers) are primarily not sure to the geometry of the operate piece. This indicates that alterations in geometry can be manufactured in nearly any locations of the perform piece by utilizing basic programming adjustments.

Parameter WLH-DRS650 WLH-DRS850 WLH-DRS1050 WLH-DRS1250
Max. Diameter of Content 650mm 850mm 1050mm 1250mm
Main Motor Energy 15kw servo eighteen.5kw servo 22kw servo 22kw servo
X Vacation 650mm 800mm 610mm 680mm
Z Travel 450mm 700mm 780mm 750mm
Tailstock Pressure 20kn 20kn 30kn 45kn
Journey of Taistock 500mm 500mm 580mm 800mm
Volume of Resources 6+6 six+six six+6 six+6
Thickness of Work Piece (Al, Cu) .5-5mm .5-5mm .5-5mm .5-4.5mm
Thickness of Perform Piece (C.S) .5-3mm .5-3.5mm .5-4mm .5-4mm
Thickness of Work Piece (SS) .5-2mm .5-2mm .5-3mm .5-2mm


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There are a thousand and 1 applications for spinning ranging from the everyday, such as pots and pans, to the exotic, this kind of as parts for satellites. Spinnings are widely discovered in the lights, heating and ventilating, bulk storage and transportation, food, healthcare, giftware and automotive industries.

Custom-made Mould

You can deliver us the drawing of your working piece so we could personalize the CZPT foryou.
If you do not have, it will be okay. The samples will operate also as our R&D division could measure them and offer you the 3D and CAD drawing to affirm


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We supply free training in our workshop and consumers are welcome to send engineers with CNC device procedure expertise to understand the programming and set up.


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In a compound pulley method, there is equally a movable pulley and a fixed pulley. This implies that not only does the load “feel” lighter, but you can also alter the path of the drive. Whilst this type of configuration can go heavy loads extremely easily, it arrives at the expense of demanding quite a bit of motion to do the job.

China supplier Robotic CNC Metal Spinning and Turning Machine for LED Light Reflective Cup Shade     Custom