China wholesaler Low Carbon Steel Wire Drawing Machine OEM

Solution Description

1&periodhigh quality and competitive price 
two&periodshort supply time 
three&periodone calendar year ensure
The set of the machines is a ideal products drawing wire stock of high&commamedium and carbon metal&commaas properly as copper&commaalumium&commaand alloy&periodThe machines are utilized to drawing wire in the factories this kind of as wire-metal manufacturing unit&commametal mesh manufacturing facility and nail making manufacturing facility and many others&period
 The tools consists of main reduction box&perioddie casing&commawheel body &commasash brace and electeical control method&periodThe spinning drawing blocks are driven by JZT sequence motor&commawith equipment coupling operates changeful gears to reduce pace&periodThe drawing blocks are verticaly mounted in sealed box entire body&periodThe gear pair are lubricated with oil&period of time
 In buy to decrease residual heat on the floor of the block&commathe cooling indicates is put in in interwall of the block&periodThe wortle is soaked in cooling watr to decrease its working temperature&period
 The equipment runs with carvl or linkage&periodThe protection halt equipment is set up by the situation of working block&time period
Main Specification

Variety LW-1&sol800 LW-1-6&sol560 LW-1-7&sol450 LW-1-6&sol350
Substance intensity   δb&geq110kg&solmm2 128kg&solmm2 δb&geq140kg&solmm2
Max diam of materials 10-14 6&period5mm 3&period4mm two&period5mm
Min diam of content 6&period0 2mm 1mm &period75mm
Diam of block 1-800 one-6&sol560 1-7&sol450 1-6&sol350
Max regular condensation 25&percnt thirty&percnt twenty&percnt 21&percnt
Complete condensation   78-88&period5&percnt 77&period9&percnt 78&percnt
Max&periodspeed of block 60m&solmin 245m&solmin 346&period9m&solmin 200m&solmin
Whole electricity 80kw eighteen&period5-30kw seven&period5-11kw seven&period5-11kw
Weight 4500kg 2000kg 1500kg 1000kg
Overal dimensions 9730×3340×2571mm 1700×1150×1750mm 1520×810×1700mm 1400×800×1500mm

Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Xingmao Metal Wire Mesh Co&period of time&commaLtd 

Incorporate&colon No&period106&commaXihu (West Lake) Road&commaXihu (West Lake) Dis. town&commaZheJiang &commaChina 
Tel&colon -311-85690590
Cell&colon – 155715716 
Website&colon http&colon&sol&solhongdawiremesh&perioden&periodmade-in-china&periodcom  

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China wholesaler Low Carbon Steel Wire Drawing Machine     OEM